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Global Oved Dei Seminary and University (GODSU) is a 501(c)(3) Interfaith E-learning Global Institution with corporate offices in Miramar, Florida & a physical campus in Raeford, North Carolina. GODSU is a Florida Department Of Education Commission of Independent Studies approved degree-issuing Religious Institution of Higher Learning under Florida Statute 1005.06 (1)(f). 

Our curricula include EARNED and HONORS degree programs. For example our Theology diploma, B.A., M.A., and PhD programs are designed for students called to the ministries of teaching and preaching. Program enrollees include pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and laypersons. Our rigorous application process has resulted in the Honorary Doctoral degree program, which have included recipients, such as:

  • Billion dollar Empire Builder Dr. Michael V. Roberts
  • 7-time Grammy Nominee Dr. Kelly Price
  • Founder of the Power Networking Conference Dr. George C. Fraser
  • Former Nigerian Maritime Minister Dr. Olugbenga Leke Oyewole.  

Here is more information about Global Oved Dei Seminary & University, a 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exempted and nonprofit University incorporated in the State of Florida.

Our Additional Courses:

Entrepreneurial Studies: Premier self-development courses on wealth- building. We also offer a mini-course for youth (Jr. Ambassador Youth Public Speaking) to gain professional and personal skills.

Chaplaincy Degree Programs: Chaplains are trained, certified leaders attached to either a religious and/or nonreligious institution/organization.

Cybersecurity IT Courses: Our licensed Instructor has a 95% pass rate compared to the 30% national average for COMPTIA accredited courses, eg. Security+ and Network+. 

Professors Include:

  • Attorney Rev. Diane Moore-Eubanks, PhD, Chancellor
  • Dean Michael V. Roberts, JD, PhD, Dean of Entrepreneurship Studies
  • Dean Dr. George C. Fraser, Dean of Self-Development
  • Dean Cairo Eubanks, Dean of Junior Ambassador Program
  • Professor Apostle Philip Ilesanmi, PhD Associate Professor, Chaplaincy Program
  • Professor Willis Eubanks, PhD, Dean of Cybersecurity Program
  • Professor Rev. Howard A. Phillips, PhD, Associate Professor, Theology Program
  • Professor Morris Redd, PhD, Professor, Ethical Real Estate Development

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Online Courses

Life Values are an inclusive collection, and interrelated system of the 10 most important areas of a father’s life. They are the foundational components fathers use to create their Visionary Plans and they help dads strive for fatherhood excellence and fulfill their leadership role for their family.

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Graduates of the program will receive excellent academic training enhanced by professional, clinical, and ministerial experience. Our goal is to prepare chaplains who can model their faith; and who are trained at the highest level of professionalism.

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Graduates of the program will receive excellent academic training enhanced by professional, clinical, and ministerial experience. Our goal is to prepare chaplains who can model the "teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ"; and who are trained at the highest level of Christian professionalism.

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