Junior Ambassador Program

“​The GODSU Junior Ambassador Program has helped my son, Shamar in myriad of ways. It shift his mindset, elevated his thinking, and gave him a boost of confidence. Because of his exposure to professionals, business moguls and entrepreneurs, his goal is to pursue entrepreneurship and real estate. I am extremely pleased with the influence the program had on Shamar.” -C.M.

H.E. Cairo D.R. Eubanks (25 years old) and H.E. Dakar Eubanks (23 years old) are the Co-Directors of GODSU’s Jr. Ambassador Program. The Jr. Ambassador Program cultivates international entrepreneurial and leadership skill sets in youth of various backgrounds, ethnicities, and religious beliefs up to the age of 21 years. During the course of the program, Jr. Ambassadors will have the opportunity to train specifically in the areas of public speaking, entrepreneurship, and blogging. One of the most exciting opportunities of the Jr. Ambassador Program is the ability to attend meetings at the United Nations under the wing of the New Future Foundation International The Jamaica Chapter (NFFI-JA), our affiliate at the UN.


GJAmb’s mission is to globally mentor, instruct, encourage, elevate, inspire, empower, impart and help develop the communicative abilities in youth ages 6 – 21 years old as well as to teach youth to tap into their own abilities, transform and build upon their own unique communicative and entrepreneurial skills.

GJAmb Program consistently transforms mindsets and our students demonstrate more confidence in their own communication abilities than their counterparts. We will help build the character, self-esteem and self-confidence in our youth with both group as well as one-on-one hands-on public speaking live sessions.

Our mission is to prepare students to be productive and successful future college and university graduates by developing a strong work ethic and higher-level of critical thinking skills needed to solve problems, perform projects and present conclusions while working in business industries. Whether they start their own business or are employees.

To address the accelerating need for STEM programs in the growth of science, technology, engineering and math applications outside of the classroom. The GODSU JASP will launch a summer camp for twelve, thirteen and fourteen years old middle school students. The GODSU JASP will cover a different workshop once or twice each month, from June – August 2020 with lesson plans, student presentations, guest industry visitors, tours to Kennedy Space Center and Port St. Lucie Nuclear Power Plant in Florida. The students will perform activities while interacting with actual scientists and engineers who work in various fields of science, technology, engineering and math for three of the six workshops. The goal of the program is to increase interest in the STEM discipline, during middle school, for continuance through high school to pursue STEM fields when they enter colleges, universities or the workforce.

We have completed several initiatives for the GODSU JASP. We have an ongoing project titled the “GODSU Charles A. Moore STEM & Computer Program,” in affiliation with the NFFI-JA Chapter (UN DPI), where we have several schools in Kingston, Jamaica that we have pledged computers and calculators to build their computer labs and increase interest in the STEM field. In addition, we have continuously donated needed materials to deserving students of our partner schools in Jamaica.

Recently, we sponsored the Glades Middle School GODSU JASP Science Inventors’ Appreciation Day to the Cambridge Academy in Miramar, Florida. It was a pleasure having both myself as well as Dr. Jose Reyes, Nuclear Inventor and Chief Technology Officer at NuScale Power, LLC speak on the subject of the Small Modular Reactor and the Space Initiative to students of the Cambridge Academy, a rigorous program within the Glades Middle School.

The event was a success, with thoughtful and engaging questions on the part of the students, who were interested in learning more about nuclear science and space, inspiring young leaders who were interested in the field of STEM. 

The GODSU JASP strives to partner with the educational institutions, companies and countries to apply the learning and use of actual field applications for students in the areas of space, robotics, computers, nuclear, etc. GODSU JASP will work to acquire innovative speakers to interact with students on their learning paths and projects.

Public Speaking is a fundamental skill that can be used during presentations, delivering speeches, as well as is useful for displaying confidence in interpersonal situations, relating to others and succeeding in Academics and Athletics. GJAmb’s cultivating of these skillsets from a young age is advantageous for youth in their personal, interpersonal and professional development.

What does our GJAmb Program provide?

● Video conference call/live streaming- 1x/week

● Student instruction on bio creation as well as how to professionally introduce speakers ● How to professional Introduce yourself

● Speech fine tuning/personal stories for public speaking

● Appearance

About the GJAmb Program workshop: This public speaking course would include public speaking theories that have been proven to be effective; types of delivery; components of a successful speech; how to overcome public speaking anxiety, and more.

The course would include:

● Short lectures (on theories and how they can be applied to public speaking) ● Group activities and games

● Mini individual presentations (no more than 2-3 minutes)

● Peer evaluations to offer feedback on how to improve

Four themes that will be covered:

1. Nonverbal/Verbal Communication

2. Persuasion/Dissuasion

3. Delivery–diction/enunciation

4. Reading and Writing Speeches

American and international entrepreneurs and scholars will be invited to take part in the courses through live stream to speak to the students about the benefits of public speaking, and how they could use this course outside of an academic setting, in their personal and professional lives.

Duration of the workshop: One session per week for 1 hour per each session with 1 face-to-face encounter during the session. The course will be 6 weeks in length.

GJAmb Coaching Opportunities :

  • $437 (max 15 students) GROUP sessions 6 Weeks
  • $997 INDIVIDUAL sessions 6 Weeks