Christian Chaplaincy

Graduates of the program will receive excellent academic training enhanced by professional, clinical, and ministerial experience. Our goal is to prepare chaplains who can model the "teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ"; and who are trained at the highest level of Christian professionalism.

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Christian Chaplaincy Course

You have made an important decision to enroll in this Chaplain Course. This course will empower you with the necessary comprehensive training to strengthen and sustain you as a Chaplain. It will equip you with the tools to provide effective guidance and support to a wide variety of people.

The harsh reality is that on this journey, you will experience rejection, failure, sadness, stress and ultimate joy. You are an instrument of change, a vessel, a servant, and last but not least, an ambassador of peace, love, understanding and service. We trust that this course will enlighten you and you will be empowered and equipped to do the work that you have been called to do.

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