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Register Today for your Senior Miss Black America Pageant!

This is the week to Appreciate our Seniors.
We appreciate Seniors and their contributions to Race, Culture and Heritage. So much so, we absolutely had to add the Senior Miss Black America Pageant Programming with the enthusiasm of our Zealous ‘Senior’ Producer, Diane Moore Eubanks JD. This is where Senior Miss Black Americas will be Selected, Edified and Appreciated.
Register Today! Or, tell your mother and your grandma too!

Deadlines approach. We Welcome Ages 55 and over:

NAME OF CONTESTANT, I have recommended you for application to the Senior Miss Black America Pageant (SMBAP).
The MBAP was created in 1968 was the first pageant which allowed women of color to compete.

I am recommending you to H.E. Dr Diane Moore-Eubanks, Esq., the Co-Producer of the Ms. Black America Pageant for the Inaugural Senior Division due to your brilliance, beauty and boldness.

The entry fee of $1,900, would permit you to participate.

You will be reviewed based on:

  1. Your legacy and contribution to the community
  2. Talent (eg. oratory, poetry, dramatic reading, dancing, singing, science or any other attributes you wish to share)
  3. Gown
  4. Interview
  5. Heritage or Cultural Costume Competition will be scheduled December 2023 in ATLANTIC CITY, New Jersey.

Funds will be sent directly to Miss Black America Pageant and receipt cc’d to

We assign qualified delegates based on a first come first served basis, so you are advised to remit your full delegate fees as soon as possible.

Please use this LINK to pay your delegate fee:

If you are not at least 55 years or older please nominate two other women who are US permanent residents or citizens (name, email, cell number) who are.

Diane Moore-Eubanks, Esq.
Inaugural Senior Miss Black America Pageant Co-Producer Program
1-800-701-0954 ext 119

Pageant Registry Miss Black America
Please register for $50 Starting TODAY!

Introducing Co-Chair, Cairo Eubanks from New Future Foundation, Inc. Cairo recently received the 2022 Young Pacesetter for Africa Development award on Africa Day at the United Nations. Fun fact: Cario is an award-winning pageant queen and currently reigns as Miss Black Florida. She utilizes her various local and international platforms to build bridges between civil society and intergovernmental organizations.

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