An Open Letter to Our African Panelists

GODSU was the Sponsor for the African Investment and Trade panel at the 2019 Florida International Trade Cultural Expo. Dignitaries and Representatives from Ghana; Nigeria; South Africa; Kenya; the Democratic Republic of the Congo; and the Gambia were present. Co-Moderators were Chancellor H.E. Rev. Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks and H.E. Cairo Eubanks OEA.

Candid from the afternoon African plenary session where attendees and panelists alike danced to Afrobeats prior to the panelists’ dialogue.

 Global Oved Dei Seminary & University (GODSU), Sponsor of the Florida International Trade Cultural Expo (FITCE) African Panel, is delighted that The 5th Annual FITCE was successful. As sponsors of FITCE, we want to express our gratitude to you and thank you for contributing to the success of this event as panelists!

Above: Morning session of the Doing Business with Africa panel, moderated by H.E. Cairo Eubanks (CairoSpeaks/CairoWrites) and Chancellor Dr. Diane Moore Eubanks (Global Oved Dei Seminary and University).

 Global Oved Dei Seminary & University (GODSU), Sponsor of the Florida International Trade Cultural Expo (FITCE) African Panel, is delighted that The 5th Annual FITCE was successful. As sponsors of FITCE, we want to express our gratitude to you and thank you for contributing to the success of this event as panelists!

Above: The 2019 FITCE African Plenary Panel Session was sponsored by Global Oved Dei Seminary and University. (L-R): Mr. Terry Gale (South Africa); Mrs. Abigail Ellary (South Africa); Mr. Peter Ngori (Kenya); Mr. Emmanuel Mbevi (Kenya); Min. Stella Ansah (Ghana); Min. Jane Adams (Nigeria); and Mr. Nyang Njie (The Gambia).

In addition, as the sponsors of the first African panel for FITCE, we wanted to share how our e-learning institution, GODSU, contributes to our global vision for the intersection between interfaith building and international entrepreneurship through education and empowerment.

Above: Honorable Vice-Mayor Dale Holness opening the Afternoon plenary session

GODSU as Sponsors

Global Oved Dei Seminary and University (GODSU), alongside Dr. Emmanuel Irono and Dr. Ogay Irono of the TIS Foundation sponsored the First African trade and investment panel for FITCE, “DOING BUSINESS WITH THE WORLD: AFRICA.” We had dignitaries and representatives from various Embassies and International companies, representing the following countries: 

  • Ghana 
  • Nigeria 
  • Kenya 
  • The Democratic Republic of Congo 
  • The Gambia 
  • South Africa

Attendees of both the morning panel and afternoon plenary sessions said that these were the most entertaining and educational sessions that they have ever attended!

It was imperative that we sponsor this African panel in order to encourage more trade and investment collaborations between businesses in the State of Florida and these African countries. For example, South Africa conducts $8 billion of trade and business with South Florida and we envision an increase in global trade with more African countries by highlighting business opportunities at FITCE for many years to come.

For more information:

Today, please email us at or call our interim Executive Director Dean Dr. Morris Redd 1800-701-0954 ext 120 to REGISTER for our GODSU programs.

 GODSU as FITCE Ambassadors

Chancellor Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks was selected in 2018 as the FITCE Ambassador for Africa with the charge to connect more African dignitaries and delegates to FITCE. She was able to confirm and bring the Ambassador of Ghana, Dr. Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah to FITCE last year, marking last year as the first time that Ghana was represented at FITCE in this capacity.

Under her Ambassadorship, she was responsible for bringing Nigeria and Ghana to FITCE this year, which were represented by Honorable dignitaries from both respective countries.

History of GODSU

Global Oved Dei Seminary and University (GODSU) is a 501(c)(3) Interfaith E-learning Global Institution with corporate offices in Miramar, Florida & a physical campus in Raeford, North Carolina. 

GODSU is a Florida Department Of Education Commission of Independent Studies approved degree-issuing Religious Institution of Higher Learning under Florida Statute 1005.06 (1)(f).


How can you collaborate with GODSU

Our curricula include EARNED and HONORS degree programs. For example our Theology diploma, B.A., M.A., and PhD programs are designed for students called to the ministries of teaching and preaching. Program enrollees include pastors, evangelists, missionaries, and laypersons.

GODSU is a web-based INTERFAITH learning institution, whereby we are divided into a University, and a Global Bible Institute Our educational institutions offer 

Chaplaincy certifications, cybersecurity certifications and earned degrees from the Associates level up through the Doctoral level.

GODSU is a premier learning institution that works to propel current students and graduates to be agents of economic growth and change in local and global communities. GODSU is an institution that draws 

Faith leaders from the Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Christian, Bahai’ and Sikh Communities to collaborate and develop strategies to develop people and build a beloved community. GODSU’s curriculum focuses on Interfaith and Entrepreneurship studies. GODSU seeks to revitalize communities, ministries and businesses by equipping students with the tools and techniques to initiate and maintain successful enterprises.

Here is more information about Global Oved Dei Seminary & University, a 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exempted, and nonprofit University incorporated in the State of Florida.

Our Additional Courses:

Entrepreneurial Studies: 

Premier self-development courses on wealth- building. We also offer a mini-course for youth (Jr. Ambassador Youth Public Speaking) to gain professional and personal skills.

Chaplaincy Degree Programs: 

Chaplains are trained, certified leaders attached to either a religious and/or nonreligious institution/organization.

Cybersecurity IT Courses: 

Our licensed Instructor has a 95% pass rate compared to the 30% national average for COMPTIA accredited courses, eg. Security+ and Network+.

Professors Include: 

  • Attorney Rev. Diane Moore-Eubanks, PhD, Chancellor 
  • Dean Michael V. Roberts, JD, PhD, Dean of Entrepreneurship Studies 
  • Dean Dr. George C. Fraser, Dean of Self-Development 
  • Dean Cairo Eubanks, Dean of Junior Ambassador Program 
  • Professor Apostle Philip Ilesanmi, PhD Associate Professor, Chaplaincy Program 
  • Professor Willis Eubanks, PhD, Dean of Cybersecurity Program 
  • Professor Rev. Howard A. Phillips, PhD, Associate Professor, Theology Program 
  • Professor Morris Redd, PhD, Professor, Ethical Real Estate Development


For more information:

Our next graduation in Maryland will be hosted by Global Oved Dei Seminary & University and Global Financial Doctor on Friday, December 6, 2019– Sunday, December 8, 2019, at 5:00 PM at The DoubleTree by Hilton, 8727 Colesville Road, Silver Spring, MD 20910 Phone: (301) 589 – 5200.

ALL GRADUATES NEED TO BE PRESENT IN MARYLAND (USA) on or before December 6, 2019, at 12:00 P.M.

Registered Students and Alumni are invited to accompany the GODSU Delegation at The United Nations (December 8-9, 2019).

NOTE: Thank you for your interest in GODSU. You would need to be a REGISTERED STUDENT for one of our courses in order to apply for a visa invitation and/or accompany us to the United Nations. Our earned Chaplaincy courses start at $800. Please review our website for our course offerings.


Today, please email us at or call our Vice Chancellor Dr. Willis Eubanks at 1800-701-0954 ext 117 to REGISTER for our GODSU programs.


GODSU Honorary Doctoral Programs include the Doctor of Humane Letters (Honoris Causa). The selection process is rigorous and includes vetting by a vibrant network of alumni who are experts within their respective fields.

Our rigorous application process has resulted in the Honorary Doctoral degree program which has included recipients such as Billion dollar Empire Builder Dr. Michael V. Roberts; 7-time Grammy Nominee Dr. Kelly Price; Founder of the Power Networking Conference, Dr. George C. Fraser; and former Nigerian Maritime Minister Dr. Olugbenga Leke Oyewole.

The prestigious Doctor of Divinity/ Theology is exclusively offered to those individuals who have demonstrated and met the following criteria: 

  1. Ordained in good standing with an active ordination certificate. 
  2. Have pastored a church for a minimum of five (5) years.
  3. Is philanthropic with a reputation for helping others.
  4. Provided documentation awards and academic accomplishments.
  5. Provided two (2) referral endorsements from ordained clergy.

The prestigious Doctor of Humane Letters (Honoris Causa) is exclusively offered to individuals who have demonstrated and met the following criteria:

  1. Have ten+ years of excellence in their field of expertise.
  2. Made numerous documented philanthropic contributions to society. 
  3. Provided documentation awards and academic accomplishments.
  4. Provided one (1) referral endorsement from GODSU Alumni.

For more information:

Today, please email us at or call our Vice Chancellor Dr. Willis Eubanks at 1800-701-0954 ext 117 to REGISTER for our GODSU programs.

(L-R) Sudan Eubanks of SudanDolls; Hon. Minister Jane Adams from the Embassy of Nigeria; Hon. Minister Stella Ansah from the Embassy of Ghana; and GODSU Board Members: Chancellor Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks; H.E. Cairo Eubanks (CairoSpeaks/CairoWrites); H.E. Dakar Eubanks (Dakar Marketing Tools); Professor Dr. Prince Ordu; and Vice-Chancellor H.E. Dr. Willis Eubanks.


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