Director H.E. Dakar Eubanks, Chaplain

His Excellency Dakar Nile Alexander Eubanks came from very humble beginnings. His mother, Rev. Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks and his father, Dr. Willis Eubanks owned a mortgage and real estate company, Accurate Settlement that was very successful from the year 2000 until 2009. This is when the real estate market crashed causing his mother, father, Dakar and his two sisters to become homeless. The family of five moved 15 times in a 3-year span. 

This part of Dakar’s life impacted him to excellence as he was driven to never be homeless again. When Dakar was only 10, he was inspired to be an entrepreneur. He started with small but impacting tasks, such as such as shoveling snow and raking leaves. His Excellency aimed to support his family and would do everything to help his family financially. He learned how to cut hair at the age of seven and began to practice on himself and others. In middle school Dakar established is his first company, Dakar Kicks Restoration. Dakar used his artistic ability to clean and customize sneakers for his classmates and teammates. The business was doing so well at the time that his parents would often ask him to help with the bills and then reimburse him. H.E. Dakar Eubanks has led both on the basketball court and academically. An honor roll student, Dakar has significantly impacted GODSU (Global Oved Dei Seminary and University). At the young age of twenty-one, Mr. Eubanks has been very studious in learning several skills type giving him multiple tasks for GODSU. These include being a Co-Director on the board of governor at eighteen as, An accountant, a manager of the I.T. department in Graphic design and the head of the Jr. Ambassador Program. Dakar Serves GODSU as a board member and Director of the Chaplaincy program. Dakar has learned how to combine his skills to recruit over 20 volunteers from local High Schools to work within the University. He has identified and provided assistance to underprivileged youth in the area of scholarships, computers and housing. Dakar is currently a student at Broward Community College majoring in Business administrations. Dakar has aspirations of building corporations to benefit struggling communities. H.E. Dakar is the registered Marketing and Branding Agent for GODSU and its affiliates in 79 countries globally through its United Nations Non-Profit NGO. As the 22-year-old CEO of Dakar Marketing Tools, his mission is to identify, promote, and elevate his clients. These clients include businesses and personal brands throughout these 79 countries, as well as domestically in the United States. Dakar Marketing Tools specializes in Logo Design, Business Card Design, as well as Photo and Video Editing.