Meet the Influential Speakers for the August 2020 virtual Graduation and Empower U Conference!

For a full list of Speakers (29 Expert Panels) please click HERE! At this time more than ever, we need workshops that are educational, entrepreneurial, and globally focused to inspire growth within your personal and professional development. That’s why we're so excited to tell you about the Empower U Conference! The goal for this summit [...]


PLEASE CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW TO ENROLL INTRODUCING GODSU PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT BUSINESS EDUCATION COURSES GODSU College of Professional Development Business Education Courses Benefits of our GODSU PROFESSIONAL LEADERSHIP SERIES: Servant Leaders, by attending Professional Development Business Education Courses, you can ultimately earn your diploma, associates, bachelors, masters, or doctorate degree in Professional Development […]


CONGRATULATIONS! MS. SUDAN EUBANKS, GODSU Goodwill Jr. Ambassador… Newly selected teen delegate for Miss Black America organization! CLICK HERE TO VOTE AND DONATE: MR. MODOU LAMIN CHAM, GODSU Associate Director MR. MODOU LAMIN CHAM, GODSU Associate Registrar, is a 3rd-year Economics student in social science at the University of Ankara, Turkey, and a 2nd-year […]


“No more staying quiet” – support the #OperationSTOP movement and join Bringing the Globe for our upcoming online conference! We are hosting a FREE conference to help prevent cyber harassment and promote safe internet usage, digital citizenship and thriving online communities. #InternetSafety is everyone’s responsibility, so join us and be part of positive change!At Operation: […]