GODSU Founders

Chancellor- Right Honorable H.E. Rev. Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks, JD PhD OEA

The Right Honorable Her Excellency Attorney Rev. Dr. Diane Moore-Eubanks, OEA is the Founder and Visionary who created Global Oved Dei Seminary & University dba Global Bible Institute dba GODSU and its seven pillars. She is the wife of H.E. Dr. Willis Eubanks for 30+ years and mother to their 3 children, Cairo, Dakar, and Sudan. Dr. Diane graduated from Holy Childhood High School in 1979. She holds an earned Juris Doctorate degree from Georgetown University Law Center (GULC), 3 Honorary Doctoral Degrees from 3 different institutions and numerous other certifications and licenses. In 2015, the Eubanks Family authored WEALTH HAS NO RACE – 6 proven strategies to transplant wealth into your DNA. In 2016 she was ordained as a Christian Pastoral Minister by Bishop Christopher Cox, Member of the Joint College of African American Pentecostal Bishops. Along with H.E. Cairo Eubanks, she serves at the United Nations, as the Director of Education for a Non-Governmental Organization New Future Foundation International (NFFI). She currently heads their mission in Jamaica under NFFI-The Jamaica Chapter.


In 2016, upon the guidance of GODSU Dean His Excellency Rev. Dr. Michael V. Roberts, Rev. Dr. Diane, Dr. Willis, and Dakar Marketing Tools produced THE GODSU AFRICAN AMERICAN HISTORY BIBLE, which highlights current iconic graduates.


Her father, Charles Moore O.D. started his real estate development company, CHASROSE LTD in Kingston, Jamaica. He ensured that Diane’s mother, Dr. Bernice Rose Moore, and siblings Dwight, Denise, Andrea, Natalie, and Christopher all attended the best schools. After graduating in 1986 as a Magna Cum Laude and Phi Beta Kappa from Florida State University, Dr. Diane taught high school. Upon completion of her Juris Doctorate degree at Georgetown, Dr. Diane interned at BET under Attorney Deborah Lee. As Assistant General Counsel for the Department of Navy, she reported to the Pentagon, Bethesda Naval Hospital and vetted President William Clinton’s Cabinet members Secretary of State, Madeline Albright and Secretary of Defense, Richard Cohen.


Attorney Diane created stellar Real Estate Law offices in Maryland, DC, and Virginia, solicited and conducted over 3,600 residential and commercial real estate transactions, taught for Fannie Mae, as well as, single-handedly created the Prince George County branch of The National Association of Real Estate Brokers (PGNAREB). PGNAREB later renamed the United Realtors of MD. Devastated and Homeless in 2007 from the real estate market crash, Dr. Diane had to reassess her life and sought GOD for direction. She currently practices law in the Caribbean. 


Her Global Business Consulting in Nigeria and Ghana has helped over 10,000 business owners. She continues to coach owners international through her coaching, branding, and marketing consulting firm, GLOBAL FINANCIAL DOCTOR LLC. She also provides Financial Literacy advise to entrepreneurs, individuals, and families utilizing life insurance and wealth strategies through WEALTHWAVE.


In 2010, Dr. Diane focus on Higher Education led to the birth of GODSU www.godsu.org and its 7 pillars: 1. Global Bible Institute www.globalbibleinstitute.org (earned degrees from AA to Ph.D. levels); Entrepreneurial and Self Help Certificates and Diplomas as well as collaborations and Honors Committee. 2. GODSU Christian Chaplaincy and Love & Spiritual Chaplaincy Programs www.godsu.org/chaplaincy-program/, 3. GODSU Financial Services, 4. GODSU EMPOWER U Conferences & Magazine; 5. GODSU Books, Apparel & Jewelry 6. GODSU Jr. Ambassador CEO Program and 7. GODSU Honors Program, which identifies iconic community leaders who are subject-matter experts. She oversees the above institutions with vibrant Board members, Directors, Deans and Volunteers.

Through its highly selective Honorary Doctoral and Chaplaincy Programs, GODSU has created a platform to recognize the lifetime accomplishments and services of notable Alumni include 19th AMBASSADOR OF GHANA H.E. Dr. Barfuor Adjei-Barwuah, CHAPLAIN, Spokesperson; GODSU DEAN H.E. Dr. Michael V Roberts, Entrepreneur; Dr. Kelly Price, 7X Grammy Nominee Singer; Dr. Olugbenga Leke Oyewole, Former Nigerian Govt. Minister and GODSU DEAN H.E. Dr. George Fraser, Founder and many others.


GODSU & its UN NGO NFFI-JA-through its Charles A. Moore STEM & COMPUTER Lab Program-pledged 98 computers and 3 printers to Holy Childhood High School in 2019. The university and its UN NGO partner held a 50th-year Anniversary celebration to commemorate NFFI Executive President Dr. Delois Blakely inside the United Nations NY HQ on April 22nd, 2019.


GODSU  has several publications through its affiliate, Dakar Marketing Tools, including: the Empower U Magazine, GODSU Calendar of Icons, and the GODSU African American History Bible.

Vice Chancellor- H. E. Dr. Willis Eubanks, Jr., Chaplain

H.E. Dr. Willis Eubanks is Vice Chancellor of Global Oved Dei Seminary and University (GODSU). Along with his very talented Deans and Board Members, he educates and trains the world on Entrepreneurship, computers and financial services. GODSU, a 501(c)(3) Federal Tax Exempted and non-profit educational institution, whose Motto is 1-1-1 (1 Race = HUMAN, 1 Space = EARTH, 1 Embrace = LOVE)™

Dr. Willis is a Public Trustee on Miramar’s Police Pension Board. He’s also a servant leader at his local PTA and SAC (School Advisor Committee). He mentors young people by serving as a Goodwill Ambassador for New Future Foundation Inc. and Jamaican Chapter UN NGO NFFI-JA.

Dr. Willis Eubanks, Jr. was born to Willis, Sr. and Liz Pope-Pearl. His father: Willis, Sr. is a retired Miami Beach Chef and while his Mother: Liz (M.S. Ed.) is a retired 2nd Grade Teacher of Broward County Schools. In High School, Willis, Jr. was Captain of his Basketball Team while earning MVP honors and maintaining a 3.9 GPA. He was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” by his Class of 1980 (North Miami Beach High School). Willis, Jr attended Oberlin College (OC) on an academic scholarship in during the Fall of 1980. By the age of 22, Willis had received the following prestigious awards and honors: 1). Who’s Who Colleges and Universities, 2). Young Man of The Year and 3). The American Legion Award.

During Willis Jr.’s Freshman year, Rufus Pearl (step-father) died of emphysema at the unexpected age of 52. As a result, Willis had to transfer from OC to Florida State University (FSU) where he met his soul-mate: Rev. Dr. Attorney Diane Moore-Eubanks. In 1985, he graduated as the First African American with a Biochemistry degree from FSU. Married for over 33 years, Diane and Willis, Jr. have three beautiful and talented children: Cairo, Dakar, and Sudan.

Dr. Willis co-authored several scientific publications and invented a recombinant DNA clone (US patent: 5,780,516, July 14, 1998) using biotechnology. After a stellar career in Molecular Biology, Willis transitioned to his family owned Accurate Settlement Company (1999 – 2008), where Attorney Diane and he ran a very successful law firm that employed over 12 people during 10 years of operations.

In December of 2018, he was the recipient of The Made Man Distinguished Leader and Advocate for Change Award. He was among over 60 men who were nationally and internationally distinguished in their respective areas to receive such an award. The Made Man Initiative is a national multi-tiered 501(c)(3), corporate, and community engagement initiative designed to honor the extraordinary achievements of notable male figures. The undeniable influences of these honored men of distinction have sparked great admiration for their leadership, lifetime achievement, social consciousness and their significant contribution to the community and national empowerment.

Currently, Dr. Willis is becoming a subject matter expert on cybersecurity,
Teaching courses in the following areas: A+; Security+; and PenTest+. Careers in cybersecurity have increased due to a growing need for organization’s networks to be protected and defended from cyberattacks. The average salary for cybersecurity specialists is $75,000. For more information on our Cybersecurity courses, please contact Dr. Willis at 1-800-701-0954 ext. 117.

H.E. Dr. Michael V. Roberts, J.D., CDKA, GODSU’s First Dean, DEAN of Entrepreneurship

Dean Michael V. Roberts, JD, Chairman & CEO The Roberts Companies, is the classic American entrepreneur. Born to middle class hard working parents, educated in the St. Louis public school system, he worked his way through college and law school to become one of St. Louis’ leading businessmen. Throughout his rise in business, Mr. Roberts maintained a strong commitment to the African-American community from which he came. Locating his headquarters in the heart of this community, his endeavors over the last forty years have created thousands of jobs and entrepreneurial opportunities, raised the level of economic activity and enhanced the quality of life for the African-American community. Mr. Roberts’ broad range of knowledge and experience developed as both a business owner and public official (St. Louis Board of Aldermen, 1977-1985) encompasses the application of innovative financing strategies for large public projects, public-private sector development negotiation strategies, and successful management techniques for urban commercial properties. His leadership in the creation of innovative strategies for financing of redevelopment projects propelled the City into a major redevelopment phase that lasted throughout the 1980s. In the decades that followed, Mr. Roberts used his extraordinary and creative leadership abilities to build a business empire that encompasses television and radio broadcasting, real estate development, plus hotel ownership and management.
Today, he is one of America’s most successful and respected African-American business leaders, and is the recipient of numerous awards such as:

  • 2009 Trumpet Award for Business
  • 2007 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year
  • Morehouse College Distinguished Leader
  • Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Laurel Wreath Award

He currently serves on two top level federal committees that address nationally significant issues:

  • Federal Communications Commission Diversity Committee
  • U.S. Department of Commerce National Advisory Council on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

And, has been selected as a participant in some our country’s most prestigious programs:

  • Citizen Ambassador Program, Securities Delegation to China, 1996
  • Army War College, 2001
  • Joint Civilian Orientation Conference (JCOC) ’75 trip to South America, 2008

H.E. Dr. George C. Fraser, Chaplain, GODSU’s DEAN of Self Development

Dr. George C. Fraser is Chairman and CEO of FraserNet, Inc; a company he founded almost 30 years ago with the vision to lead a global networking movement that brings together diverse human resources to increase opportunities for people of African descent. He is considered by many to be a new voice for African Americans and one of the foremost authorities on economic development, networking and building effective relationships. While George’s accomplishments are significant, his beginnings were very humble. He was born in Brooklyn, NY into a family of 11 children (8 boys and 3 girls). When George’s mom became mentally ill, George’s dad, a cab driver, could not care for 11 children so George was orphaned at 3 and spent 14 years in foster homes. Growing up on the streets of New York he had little hope and no expectations. Although his guidance counselor suggested he drop out of high school, George graduated from high school with a vocational diploma in woodworking because the school system did not consider him college material. Thank God George felt differently…for several years, he mopped floors on the midnight shift at LaGuardia Airport, while he paid his way through college.

GODSU Leadership

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